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CMEcollab walks the walk when it comes to innovation that mattersAmong the first to pioneer medically accurate mixed reality and other experiential learning in the continuing medical education space, we’ve helped countless healthcare professionals become more invested and learn more effectively. 


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Personalized Patient Cases: Psoriatic Arthritis 

This self-directed exercise prompts learners to customize the case studies and learn from making clinical decisions and receiving feedback. This personalized case method enables learners to see connections between the presented teaching points and the learner’s practice, supporting knowledge application to patient care.

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Migraine Interactive Animation Experience

The content for this interactive animation was originally created for a mixed reality program using Microsoft HoloLens. This technology creates an immersive environment that expands the exploratory abilities of the learner, including a 360° self-directed experience that allows participants to manipulate 3D images and view them from multiple angles. Click on buttons to navigate the experience. 

ImmerseRx: Psoriatic Arthritis Augmented Reality App

This mobile app puts a deeply engaging and interactive augmented reality educational experience in the hands of users. It is designed to help clinicians and patients better understand psoriatic arthritis as they delve into the disease pathophysiology and therapies at three levels—joint, cellular, and molecular.

Matching Exercise: Measuring Disease Activity and Treatment Outcomes in Lupus

To create an active learning experience, this matching exercise involves identifying and interacting with the key features of various measures, scores, and indices that are used to assess disease activity, damage, and treatment outcomes in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.